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Saxophone Workshop

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Last Day

Thanks everyone. This has been the best workshop yet! I don’t know how we top the 10 + 1 performance. See you next year.

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Day 4

Last night the quartets and small ensembles performed on the Britt Festival grounds before the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Concert.

Today at 3PM is the closing concert with the saxophone orchestra. The concert will include the west coast premiere of 10 + 1. Don’t miss it!

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Day 3

Wednesday afternoon we had free. Some of the workshop participants went rafting, some went to a play, a few practiced and I went with the Sichuan entourage to Crater Lake. Tomorrow come see us performing before the Britt concert.

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Day 2

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop

Images from Day 1 of the workshop

Two Bass Saxophones!

Dr. Bleuel conducts

New and old bass saxophones

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop

The 10th Annual Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop has started. Above John Bleuel rehearses the Workshop Saxophone Orchestra. They will perform Friday at 3PM in the SOU Music Recital Hall.
This year we are excited to have special guest Professor Li Yusheng from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and his students Mei Song, Han Xiao, Wang Yuran and Pu Zhu. They will perform tonight at 7PM in the SOU Music Recital Hall along with the Globe Saxophone Quartet.

2010 Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop

On Thursday, July 29th we will be going to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Britt!
We will again have an optional raft trip with Momentum River Expedition
Return to this site for frequent updates. The schedule will be posted soon!

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop

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Information about the workshop can be found at this link: Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop
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Saxophone Workshop Day 5

Thanks for a great Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop!!

Saxophone Workshop Day 4

To watch today’s concert of the Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Orchestra live at 7PM (19:00) PST click here

Pictures from today’s dress rehearsal.

Saxophone Workshop Day 3 Rafting

Saxophone Workshop Day 3

Last night was the Globe Saxophone Quartet Concert. Today we go rafting on the Rogue River. Tomorrow is the Saxophone Orchestra Concert.

Saxophone Workshop Day 2

Today we began with Dr. Vicki Purslow, SOU College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean, rehearsing the orchestra on her new arrangement of Sousa’s Liberty Bell March to be premiered Thursday.

Composer Todd Barton stopped by to talk about his piece Gesangla Mediation on the Sichuan Earthquake. The students will perform Gesangla on Thursday.
Students enjoying a well deserved break from rehearsal.

During the breaks Yamaha, Jupiter and Cripple Creek Music of Ashland have the latest model saxophones to try.
Don Archer of Cripple Creeks speaks with students about saxophones.
Steve Davidson teaches Intermediate Jazz Style.
While in the room next door, Scott Turpen teaches Advanced Jazz Improvisation.

John Bleuel Rehearses the Old Castle from Pictures at an Exhibition. The students will perform the entire piece Thursday at 7PM.

On Friday we wrapped up the 2008 Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop with a recital of participant chamber ensembles. Below are images from the final concert.

Thank you to our sponsors: Britt Festivals, Southern Oregon University, Larry’s Music, Cripple Creek, Eden Valley Orchards, Ted and Tilley Gibbs, Jan Christensen, Anahata Little, Dennis Dunleavy, Ashland City Band and Yamaha Corporation of America. Thank you Kubota Lawn Mowers for dueling with the orchestra.

Big thanks to the staff and faculty Joelle Graves, Mark Knippel, Erin Luce, Scott Mitchell and my fellow members of the Globe Quartet–Jennifer Turpen, Scott Turpen and John Bleuel. Thank you to all of the students for a great week. The Globe Quartet hopes to see you next year!

Today I start two weeks of Ashland Chamber Music Workshop. Watch this blog for our daily activities.

Saxophone Workshop Day 5

Tonight at 6PM in the SOU Music Recital Hall is the closing concert of the Britt Festival Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop. Twenty-Six participants will be performing in 5 quartets and 1 sextet. Hope you can join us for this free concert.

Here are pictures and video from this mornings dress rehearsal.

Saxophone Workshop Day 4

Our big day. The 26 member saxophone orchestra (30 with the faculty) performed before hundreds in Lithia Park.

Prior to the concert the ensemble rehearsed outside in front of the SOU Music Building, preparing for the wind, heat and acoustics. Little did we know we’d be competing against both a sprinkler system and a lawn mower! Who won? you be the judge.

Saxophone Workshop Day 3

It was hump day at the Saxophone Workshop and that means rafting the Rogue! We rehearsed from 9AM until noon, ate lunch, and loaded up the Momentum rafting vans and headed to the river.

It was 100 degrees and the cold water of the Rogue felt great. The faculty and students have been working very hard to prepare for concerts Thursday and Friday. The rafting trip was a well earned break in our schedule.

Tomorrow is the Saxophone Orchestra Concert in Lithia Park. Friday is the small ensemble concert.

Saxophone Workshop Day 2

Images of Saxophone Workshop from Dennis Dunleavy

Saxophone Workshop Day 2

Tuesday was a day of intense rehearsals. Today we decide we pick the music for the Thursday and Friday Concerts. In between rehearsals and classes, the students visit displays by Cripple Creek Music, Larry’s Music and Yamaha Corporation. All the instruments are there for the students to try. Each store has music, reeds and instruments to purchase. Here is a video of the room:

In the early evening the faculty, Globe Saxophone Quartet, performed at the Eden Valley Orchards. In spite of the near 100 degree heat, the outdoor concert was well attended with many local saxophone fans and students of the workshop. The Globe Saxophone Quartet entertained the audience with a variety of classical transcriptions, original saxophone music and light audience favorites.

In this video Globe imitates Scottish bagpipes in the piece “Robert Burns Suite” by Paul Harvey.

Saxophone Workshop Day 1

The SOU and Britt Festival’s Saxophone Workshop began like the Le Tour de France with a pre-workshop “prologue” on Sunday evening. We affectionately call it the “Meet and Greet.” We have 26 students and 2 counselors, 2 staff and 4 faculty. Students have come from British Columbia, Hawaii, Washington, Wyoming, California and Oregon—including 6 from Creswell! Thanks Sandi. Green!
After meeting everyone, eating two fabulous desserts by Anahata Little (a French eclair and an Italian chocolate cake–did I mention going to Italy in September?) and passing out music; many of the students left to practice–as did the Globe Quartet.

Day 1 began on Monday morning with John Bleuel leading the 26 member strong Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Orchestra. They will perform before the Ashland City Band Concert in Lithia Park on Thursday. Watch him work below:

After a break I assigned each student a quartet or a quintet. These smaller chamber ensembles are preparing to perform on our final concert Friday night at 6PM.

WyOregon Quartet
Tiffany Hurd
Keith Smelcer
Nick Waroff
Troy Thompson

Mazama Quartet
Kirsten Campbell
Jasmine Hankey
Aubrey Bauer
Jamie Krull

Pacific Quintet
Roy Abdun-Nur
Tovi Olivolo
Tang Di
Andrew Krug
Seth Singer

Cascade Quartet
Daryan Chitsaz
Robby Sheppard
Maycee Spence
Elise Heater

Rogue Quartet
Samantha Strunk-Hintz
Kathryn Annett
Meghan Jordan
Tiffany Letsom

Lithia Quintet
Lizzie Jossie
Garrett Little
Nick Heater
Bernard Hertz
Connor Bell

After lunch the afternoon session began with a performance by the Saxophone Quartet of the Air National Guard Band of the Northwest out of Spokane Washington. See them perform below:

Tonight at 6PM is the Globe Saxophone Quartet Performance at Eden Valley Winery. Please Join us.