Making Music in Southern Oregon

Ashland Chamber Music Workshop

ACMW Week 2 Day 5

Here are images from the last day of the 2008 Ashland Chamber Music Workshop.

Thank you all for a great week!

ACMW Week 2 Day 4

Scences from the ACMW HQ–the library. Coaches and librarians at work.

Performance from Thursday’s recital.

ACMW Week 2 Day 3

Today’s board. Every participant is represented by a card. The cards are grouped by ensemble.

Images from today’s rehearsal in the Hinkle Room.

ACMW Week 2 Day 2

Images from today’s recital.

ACMW Week 2 Day 1

Coaches work with ensembles on the first day of week 2.

ACMW Week 1 Day 5 Last day

Our Week 1 of ACMW ended on Friday. Below are photos of the Friday evening reception after freelancing, the coaches reviewing the week in preparation for next year and staff member, Keith, catching some shut eye.

ACMW Week 1 Day 4

Each evening between 7 and 8PM the coaches offer optional activities of musical interest. Beginning this week Scott led a session on “Scales for String players.” On Tuesday Philip held his “Tips for getting you H.I.P.” on baroque performance practice in the Hinkle Room. On Wednesday Alexander hosted a very special lecture by Alexander Knapp, expert on the music of Ernest Bloch. Pictured above are photos from Wednesday’s lecture with Professor Knapp with a participant string quartet preparing to perform Bloch’s Third String Quartet. On Thursday evening Angie Schmidt led a session on “Improvisation for Strings.”

Below are pictures from Thursday’s recital. Angel plays soprano saxophone with a string quartet.

Our Stage Manager “T” Lund sets the stage for the next performance. It must be Thursday because he is wearing his Ashland City Band shirt.

ACMW Week 1 Day 3

Coaches work in the library. Armand and Phebe sort through music while Cynthia and Nancie review the assignments for the next day.
Yesterday’s performance of Fasch prepared in the Hinkle Room.

ACMW Week 1 Day 2

This year the SOU Department of Music’s MENC or Music Educator’s National Conference hosts are 10AM break. Each morning we have coffee, tea, juice, fresh fruit and bagels or muffins. They are raising money to attend this year’s educators conference.

Founder of Ashland Chamber Music, Marvin Belford, stopped by to mingle with participants. Marv was the Department of Music Chair when he started the workshop 32 years ago. He is now retired, Emeritus Professor of Music, living in Ashland and still playing trumpet in the Ashland City Band.

Newbie coach, oboist Kristin Kessler works with a wind sextet by Dubois with saxophone.

Veteran coach Alexander Tutunov discusses performing in the recital hall.

One of our largest groups performs the Reinberger Nonet.

Hinkle Room

A new addition to this year’s workshop is use of the Hinkle Room. The Hinkle Room is a small performance space in the basement of the SOU Music Building with an Oregon made tracker organ. Philip Bayles the resident harpsichord coach and performer, instructs participants on baroque performance practice.

ACMW Week 1 Day 1

We hit the ground running with 17 ensembles rehearsing and performing today. Highlights of the recital included Six Miniatures by longtime ACMW coach Joe Axup who passed away this March.
Here are images from today’s recital and a short video of the baroque assignment playing Bach.