Making Music in Southern Oregon

Pictures at an Exhibition May 14, 2010


Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra performs Pictures at an Exhibition

(Ashland, Ore.) –Ashland locals and internationally renowned Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Rhett Bender, performs the famous Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky on Friday, May 14th at 8:00 PM at the SOU Music Recital Hall. Audience members are invited to a cake reception following the concert.

Mussorgsky wrote Pictures at an Exhibition after the sudden death of his friend, artist Viktor Hartmann. The music depicts an imaginary tour of Hartmann’s art. Originally it was a showpiece for piano but it was made famous by its many orchestrations. Most notably are the orchestral arrangement by Ravel and the progressive rock version by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. William Schmidt’s version for saxophone is perfectly suited to the musicians of the Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra. Also featured on the concert is chamber music from the New People’s Quartet and the SOU Woodwind Trio.

The Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra (SSO) is comprised of students, both music majors and non-music majors, and faculty, staff and administrators from Southern Oregon University. Under the direction of Rhett Bender, Professor of Music at SOU, the SSO arranges, composes and commissions music of all styles and musical periods. Featuring the rare sopranino and bass saxophones, its performances showcase styles from classical music, opera highlights, American big band hits, world music, and original pieces written for the SSO. In October 2007, the SSO traveled to China where they performed to mobs of admiring music fans. As the guests of Mercury Saxophones, the SSO performed at the China Music Trade Show in Shanghai and at the northern seaside resort city of Yantai. The SSO have performed live on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Greenshow and KTVL Channel 10 Morning News. They were recently honored by being selected for a performance at the XVth World Saxophone Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tickets for this performance are only $5 for general admission and free for students. Tickets and season passes may be purchased by calling 541-552-6101 or at the Music Box Office prior to the performance. For more information, please visit Southern Oregon University’s Department website at


Running Tune Robert Baksa (b.1938)



Badinage Paul Koepke (1918-2000)

SOU Woodwind Trio

Kaleigh Hull, flute

Malin Judah, oboe

Connie Gardner, clarinet

Misterioso and Final from Quatour de Saxophones Ida Gotkovksy (b.1933)

New People’s Quartet

Holly Kruggel, soprano

Tang Di, alto

Jamie Krull, tenor

Rhett Bender, baritone


Pictures at an Exhibition Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881)

Promenade arranged by William Schmidt

1. The Gnome


2. The Old Castle


3. Tulleries

4. Bydlo


5. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks

6. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle


7. The Market Place at Limoges

8. Catacombs

Lingua Mortua

9. The Hut of Baba Yaba

10. The Great Gate of Kiev

Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra

Tang Di, soprano

Jamie Krull, alto

Holly Kruggel, alto

David Whipp, alto

Kirsten Campbell, tenor

Andrew Krug, tenor

Connie Gardner, tenor

Steve Davidson, baritone

Kylee Rohrbacker, baritone

Tovi Olivolo, bass

Rhett Bender, artistic director

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