Making Music in Southern Oregon

Concert Tonight

Tonight is SSO’s performance of Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone! What do I do the day of a concert? It varies greatly and depends if it is a home game or away. Today we are in SOU’s recital hall and I have the most control over my schedule. The day of the concert I try to relax. I study my scores and conduct through everything. If I’m playing rather than conducting I’ll spend a lot of time trying reeds. I will try to get some exercises, today I went for a long excursion with our black lab Max. Energy is important. I will eat small meals throughout the day for an even energy supply. Maybe take a nap since the concert is in the evening and I’m more of a morning person. After I finish this blog I’ll practice a little bit and conduct through the music for tonight’s concert.

Do I get nervous? of course, all performers do. But I have confidence in the Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra and we’ve had good preparation. We eliminate the ambiguous and delegate tasks so that we can all focus on performing. That is the best medicine for stage fright.

Jody is playing Mahler 4 with North State this weekend. Monday Larry Chamberlain from Yamaha will be visiting us. Next weekend CMC will be hosting the Leipzig String Quartet and I’ll be playing Bizet with the Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra.

If you can’t be at tonight’s concert you can watch the live webcast beginning at 7:30PM PST. The address is

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