Making Music in Southern Oregon

Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone!

We are three weeks into the winter term and four weeks away from the next concert. Time to start getting the publicity together. One of the featured pieces Celluloid by Randall Snyder, has a movement titled Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone. Can’t beat that for a concert theme and a catch-phrase to rally the publicity around.

Jody suggested the superb poster idea of a giant saxophone attacking the SSO. We took 15 minutes at the end of the rehearsal for some “we’re being attacked by a giant saxophone” photos. My original idea was to then photoshop a huge bass saxophone or better yet, a giant Tovi with a bass saxophone attacking the group. For good measure I took a few shots of the sopranino against a white background thinking it would look mightier with all of its tiny key work enlarged to the requisite 5oft.

But as I was proofing the photos on a digital light table I noticed that in some of the pictures of Tovi, there were a few saxophonists 20ft behind him in the background—tiny. I got one of those “duh, why didn’t you just do it that way moments.” Next rehearsal I called the troops back in for a quick shot of a foreground Tovi and a background SSO. Stopped down the Nikon for a large depth a field and turned out a pretty decent photo of a larger than life Tovi with a 50ft saxophone. With a single photo and thirty minutes on the Mac we had our poster.

I sent Andrew the original photos. Maybe he’ll get inspired and great the original poster idea in photoshop. I got the virus that is publicity by creating the event on facebook. The next step is to write the press release and create the program. You have to keep feeding the publicity machine.

One response

  1. This looks to be like it will be a fine time to be had by all. The program looks to be eclectic and inviting. The clever ad campaign with the image manipulation gave me a good chuckle, and shows that SOU has the right kind of atmosphere where music students are truly comrades in arms.

    February 1, 2009 at 6:43 am

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