Making Music in Southern Oregon

New Recital Hall Seats

Over the holiday break our Music Recital Hall has been getting the seats replaced. Thanks to a generous donation, the recital hall floor was replaced last year and this year we are getting beautiful new seats. The Music Building and Stevenson Union were built at the same time and completed in 1972. Whereas the SU has received several remodels an additions over the years, the Music Building has remained relatively unchanged. The recital hall is acoustically beautiful place to perform and to listen to concerts. The changes made this year have updated and replace the well-worn interior.

The original seats mirror the color aesthetics of the 70s.
Contractors began working immediately following the last concert in December. The old seats were removed and donated to several local theatres.The new seats are a beautiful burgundy with wood trim. With silent operation and no squeaks like the old seats, the new seats are firmer and very comfortable. Better support of the seat pan allows patrons to sit a bit higher and not sink into the seat. The new arrangement of the seats offers many different options for patrons with disabilities.

The first chance the public will have to see a concert in the new seats is Chamber Music Concert’s presentation of Quaretto Gelato on Saturday, January 10. Unfortunately this popular ensemble has already sold out. If you don’t have tickets, you may attend the free Quartetto Gelato presentation at the SOU Music Convocation on January 16th at 1PM-of course in our beautiful recital hall.

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