Making Music in Southern Oregon

Saxophone Workshop Day 1

The SOU and Britt Festival’s Saxophone Workshop began like the Le Tour de France with a pre-workshop “prologue” on Sunday evening. We affectionately call it the “Meet and Greet.” We have 26 students and 2 counselors, 2 staff and 4 faculty. Students have come from British Columbia, Hawaii, Washington, Wyoming, California and Oregon—including 6 from Creswell! Thanks Sandi. Green!
After meeting everyone, eating two fabulous desserts by Anahata Little (a French eclair and an Italian chocolate cake–did I mention going to Italy in September?) and passing out music; many of the students left to practice–as did the Globe Quartet.

Day 1 began on Monday morning with John Bleuel leading the 26 member strong Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Orchestra. They will perform before the Ashland City Band Concert in Lithia Park on Thursday. Watch him work below:

After a break I assigned each student a quartet or a quintet. These smaller chamber ensembles are preparing to perform on our final concert Friday night at 6PM.

WyOregon Quartet
Tiffany Hurd
Keith Smelcer
Nick Waroff
Troy Thompson

Mazama Quartet
Kirsten Campbell
Jasmine Hankey
Aubrey Bauer
Jamie Krull

Pacific Quintet
Roy Abdun-Nur
Tovi Olivolo
Tang Di
Andrew Krug
Seth Singer

Cascade Quartet
Daryan Chitsaz
Robby Sheppard
Maycee Spence
Elise Heater

Rogue Quartet
Samantha Strunk-Hintz
Kathryn Annett
Meghan Jordan
Tiffany Letsom

Lithia Quintet
Lizzie Jossie
Garrett Little
Nick Heater
Bernard Hertz
Connor Bell

After lunch the afternoon session began with a performance by the Saxophone Quartet of the Air National Guard Band of the Northwest out of Spokane Washington. See them perform below:

Tonight at 6PM is the Globe Saxophone Quartet Performance at Eden Valley Winery. Please Join us.

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