Making Music in Southern Oregon

Return Home

After having pleasant weather in China I was surprised by the cold in Oregon. It even snowed at my home near Howard Prairie. Now that I’m home I have better internet access. My blogspot and many things google have a difficult firewall to get around in China. Ironically Brent can’t view this blog in China. The first posts were done by emailing everything to Jody who then posted it for me. I skyped our Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra Senior Computer Security Analyst, Andrew Krug. He was able to get me through the firewall. I could then post from China but the amount of data was restricted. Mostly that affected video. Over the weekend I’ll add the missing videos and more content so you may want to look at older posts. I especially like the video from the saxophone association banquet of the teachers describing the earthquake.

Here are some pictures from Brent taken the evening of the May 12th earthquake in Chengdu.

There first thing I did when I returned home was to take a walk in the woods and find some morels for dinner.Here is a bootleg video of me performing TAG at the SOAR concert.

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