Making Music in Southern Oregon

Saxophone Association Banquet

Last night was the final banquet with the Chengdu Saxophone Association. Pictured are Mr. Li, myself and Mr. Tang. This banquet meeting of the saxophone association has become a nearly annual event since my first visit in 2003 and are my closest friends in China. Many of these teachers accompanied us on the Guiyan-Chongqing saxophone tour last spring with Jody and I. We spent many hours traveling together and we became very close. They all expressed regret that it was only I this time and not Jody. Brent explained that 11 of these teachers hear juries each term. All of the saxophone students have their jury the same day. It was a grueling 11 hours and 80 saxophone juries!

At every banquet the first topic discussed was the May 12th earthquake. Li explained that they hadn’t seen each other since the event. Although I don’t speak Mandarin as you can see from the video it is obvious what they’re discussing.

Today is children’s day and Brent are I flying to Beijing.

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