Making Music in Southern Oregon

My favorite dish

SOU’s future guitar student Qi Wenjun translated while I taught. Translating a music lesson or master class is always a test for a translator. Tomorrow Qi Wenjun and I will meet with an alum of SCCM who is an expert at obtaining a US visa. In the afternoon we had a working meeting of the International Saxophone Workshop. Li and I are laying the ground-work for this future project.

After lunch while resting in my 16th floor room, I felt an aftershock. Chengdu is getting back to normal and the tent cities I witnessed a few days ago are disappearing. I was told that students have been asked to go back to school and the government has set a deadline for tents to be removed.
Normally I would teach in a master class setting with 1 student performing and 30-50 watching. Because of the earthquake I have been teaching individual lessons at Li’s apartment. Several students are still away, having gone home to be with family during this stressful time. Others gather at Li’s home to watch me teach. It is a casual and relaxing environment. I taught one student as several others sat on the sofa and observed. Between lessons we drink tea and discuss all topics saxophone and music.

My favorite restaurant with my favorite dish–chicken cooked in chilies and peppercorns.

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