Making Music in Southern Oregon

Jet lag and iPhones

As you read this Wednesday morning, I’ve just finished Wednesday and I’m preparing for bed. The first sign of the earthquake I have experienced is that Professor Li Yusheng is having me teach students at his apartment rather than at the Conservatory. The practice room building is damaged and many students are still afraid to go inside. Most students including the saxophone orchestra and Brent were practicing or rehearsing there when the May 12th quake struck.
There are several tents erected outside in the practice field. I did teach one fearless student, Yi Lian, in the practice room building and observed a giant crack in the building. It is a structural seam that has separated from the quake. It can be seen from the outside and from the inside. I’ve been in Sichuan for 32 hours and I haven’t felt any aftershocks. According to news reports there have been a few.
I had the morning off and spent it walking off the jetlag. SCCM is very close to the tech retail area. It is full of various districts, each with its own street: printing, personal audio players, mobile phones, large banner printing, mother board, camera, gaming, etc.. Too bad you aren’t here Andrew, your head would spin. I’ve never seen so much camera equipment in my life. Yes, there is even a Mac area, albeit small, and several places selling iPhones. My dilemma‑‑should I sell my iPhone? What will I do on the trip home? How can I watch Dexter? Can I make it two weeks until the new iPhone arrives?
The internet works fairly well on campus. I spoke to both Jody and Terry over Skype. I had a exceptionally “techee” lunch with Tang Di’s father Tang Guangfu. He is a wonderful man with an incredible heart and intellect. I enjoy his company very much but unfortunately he doesn’t speak English and my Mandarin is equally incompetent. So for lunch I put my lap top on the table, contacted Tang Di in Ashland, and had a very long distance, conversational feast. Towards the end of the meal Alexander joined Tang Di for some long distance toasting.
Tomorrow morning I’ll teach Brent’s students and Mr. Li’s in the afternoon.

Here are two photos of the Conservatory
In the close up on the right you can see the split in the building from the earthquake.

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