Making Music in Southern Oregon

Earthquake in Sichuan

The only new information I’ve heard directly is from Wenjun, SOU’s incoming music major and CMC scholarship winner. She reports:

Dear professor:

Thank you for you care about my safe.
I am OK now.
When earthquake happened, I was in practice room which is 15th floor. I quickly know what had happened and let other students who in the same floor ran down. Earthquakes shake very heavily, our practice building was leant to one side and have some broken. Everybody feel nervous, some boys and girls cried, I thought it is so danger.

My city Chengdu’s people already have begun work. This city luckier than others, because it is so closes with the earthquake center but not have much damage. We will feel danger at night and live out side. I am with my friends now. All in all, my city and I are safe.
Thank you very much!

Best wish;
Wenjun Qi

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