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Earthquake in Sichuan

A 7.9 earthquake centered in Wenchuan county 55 miles north of Chengdu struck China yesterday May 12. Current SOU student Tang Di is from Yibin, Sichuan and went to school in Chengdu. SOU alum Brent Weber is currently teaching in Chendgu at the Sichuan Conservatory. Incoming SOU student and CMC scholarship student Qi Wenjun is studying at the conservatory. She will arrive in Ashland this fall. Yesterday was one of worry and concern. We finally heard from Professor Li Yusheng and Brent last night. They are okay and Chengdu seems to have been spared the damage of the outlying areas. Our thoughts go out to all who are suffering in Sichuan. I leave for Chengdu in a little over a week. Pictured are SOU students with Sichuan Conservatory students, Mr. Li, Brent Weber, Steve Thorpe and myself.

From Brent Weber:
Nimen hao!

First of all, thank you for your concern regarding the earthquakes in China. Fortunately, I was on street level during the quake and none of my friends of students were injured. I was standing in front of SCCM when the first tremor hit, and felt the ground move for close to 2 minutes. Luckily, the police were very organized, and put us at ease. Now, we’re all mourning the losses of the many in Sichuan province and throughout China. Again, thank you for kind wishes and I will relay your concern to my students and friends and co-workers.

Best Wishes,
Brent Weber

From Li Yuseng:
Dear Rhett,
Thank you very much for you e-mail.
Brent, I and my family are well in the quake. Our experience is very dangerous yesterday,but we are safe today.
Power,water and food,traffic as same as usual. I kept in touch with Brent.

Thank again!
Yusheng Li

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