Making Music in Southern Oregon

South Carolina

Hi Everyone,

Last night we found out Nick did not make the final round of five but I’m sure he was number six. The five selected are mostly graduate students and Nick held his own against the best young saxophonist in the country. Please congratulate Nick when he returns.

Today was especially busy for me. I performed Tag by Eric Stokes to a nearly packed audience at 10AM. I think it helped that Otis was performing right after me! The performance was well received. I’ll perform Tag in Ashland at the May 21st concert.

In the afternoon the Globe quartet performed the Avenging Spirit by Frederick Fox. I love playing that piece and hope to do it in Ashland someday.

I got to spend some time on the proto-type Yamaha EX soprano with a high G–love at the first note.

In the evening we watched Steve Stusek and our friend Jim Umble perform concertos with the band.

Tomorrow I’ll see our friends and recent Ashland visitors Julia Nolan, Kenneth Fischer and Peter Sommers perform.
Keep practicing. I’ll be back soon.

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