Making Music in Southern Oregon

Teaching and Master classes

Still incredibly jet-lagged we woke up this morning and taught at the Sichuan Conservatory of Classical Music. From 9AM to 12PM I taught saxophone students in a master class format while Jody did the same with the horn studio in another room. This was the first time we’d done something outside of piano and saxophone. They were very excited to have Jody teach and she was very well received. When I finished teaching her class was still going. Then everyone wanted their picture with her.

My master class also went well. This is my third trip to teaching SCCM and I’m getting to know the students well. They are very dedicated and I enjoy teaching there.

In the afternon we saw the Panda reserve and in the evening had a banquet with Mr. Li’s friends. It was good to see Mr. Bao again at the banquet.

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